Tunnel Days

Everyone talks about the light. Everyone talks about the end when all the tears are diminishing or done. When the echoes of the first shock are long gone. Nobody talks about the first step into the tunnel. No one says "There's a tunnel in the middle of the light". But that first step has to be taken - and it's like knives.

These tunnel days will be long. Every ringing phone can hold menace or joy. Every other thing you do feels like you're being unfaithful to the thing on your mind. Long days. Early morning shakes and maybe tears. These tunnel days can stretch out before you, disappearing with the curve of the Earth. Long days. Days that can see the best and the worst in us.

These tunnel days, the long, long exhausting days. A million things to say, but you don't know what to say. These tunnel days, long endless strokes of a dull blade easing its way into your skin.

Just take the hand of the person next to you - or the people. The tunnel days are dark and blustery and rainy, it's easy to lose each other. Just hold on when you need to and ask us to step out when you don't. These tunnel days may stretch on, but never forget who's traveling with you to the light.

And there will be light.

And there will be laughter.


(for Susan)