All MAN!

From left to right: Clyde Balboa

Hi ladies.

Some of you may have seen me hanging out in the cafeteria and wondered..."Who's that guy?!" Well I'm happy to say that I am Boundary Waters new on site System Administrator/ Tech Support guy, Clyde Balboa.  I'll be the guy who crawls under your desk when you need something plugged in. Heh heh. I'm just kidding.

Just a little bit of background. I decided to go into computers after seeing Wayne Knight in Jurassic Park. His job and life looked so exciting. I immediately quit my job at Carpetown and enrolled at Devry.  4 years later I was out and had a job with HuDoo BM. After 4 years it was decided that I should move on. I came here when I saw the ad. 

My duties here will include periodic system maintenance, installing new soft/hardware, and giving the hotties something to look at. I kid again. I'm a teddy bear. I will also field questions from the public about our system.  If you have a request for me, be sure to contact your immeadiate supervisor who can then pass the request on to the administration staff. The request is then queued to be handled.  Try to get your requests to me by 10 am the day before. Anything that happens after 10 can wait until tomorrow. Pretty ladies get my "expedited service". Oh BEHAVE!!

Clyde Balboa
System Admin/Tech Support
Ext 46