Welcome to the experiment!  Trends are dictated by people. What is "cool" and "in" can easily be manufactured. You see it on TV everyday. Advertisers try desperately to start trends, create catchphrases and change modern culture. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Whether you like it or not "I'm gellin' " was manufactured and has entered the American lexicon along with "Wassup" and "Just Do It". These were created in an office and rotated on the airwaves until it was part of our thinking.

Like the Seinfeld episode with the Snickers bars being eaten with a knife and fork, it only takes a few people to latch on to something and spread the trend. Chatrooms are great for creating new language, cyberglyphs and acronyms.  This symbol  :)  is more recognizable than the symbol for Euros.

Are you catching our drift?

Sweetcoolfuckerbitch is an exercise in trend making. Our mission is to build an army of agents who will infiltrate society with our manufactured trends, language etc  just to see what catches on.  It is an attempt to change popular culture.  It's a little joke that we can play on everybody else.  

You are the key! If enough people actually take our suggested trends out into the world and online, some of it is sure to stick. The experiment will be a success. Up for a little fun?