by Eric




(Josh Walks on stage. He is miming hammering.)



Hammer. Hammer. Hammmer. Hammer. (Etc.)


(Enter Ken He pretends to be sawing something)



Saw. Saw. Saw. Saw. Saw (Etc.)


(Both stop what they are doing and look at each other. PAUSE Then they resume their activities)


(Enter Michelle. She is pretending to drive)



Drive. Drive. Drive. Drive. Drive. (Etc.)


(They all stop and look at each other. PAUSE. Then they resume activities)


(Enter Corey. He pretends to be bathing.)



Wash. Wash. Wash. Wash. Wash. (Etc.)


(They all stop. PAUSE Then they resume.)


(Enter Eric. He crosses and flops down and mimes eating. The others all stop and look at Eric. He doesn't notice them and keeps on eating. After a moment or two he notices them and they look at him waiting for his sound. Eric takes another bite and chews. They look at him and then do 5 seconds of their activities.)


     JOSH          KEN         MICH         COREY

Hammer Hammer     Saw Saw Saw  Drive Drive  Wash Wash

Hammmer  Hammer  Saw Saw Saw  Drive Drive  Wash Wash


(They look back at Eric, waiting)



(Giving in) Pork. Pork. Pork. Pork. (Resumes eating)





There will be a long pause because the audience won't get it.