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Northwest Indiana's favorite family-fun resort town.

For the best time, at a reasonable price, visit the mid-west's newest family destination: Stink, Indiana. This quiet little resort town is nestled amongst northwest Indiana's bustling oil refineries and other industrial towns. Shopping, water sports, live entertainment, amusement parks and some of the most repressed ecosystem imaginable make Stink, the perfect place for your family's next getaway. Just a few minutes from Chicago and East Chicago, Stink is closer than you think!

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PHEW! That was fun!

For good old fashioned family fun, there's nothing like a splashy cool day a STINK WATER FALLS! This reconstituted sewage treatment plant includes 6 full size swimming pools, the "Sewer Pipe" water slide, the detoxification showers and FREE NOSE PLUGS! Our full staff of life guards, bartenders and "Hip Waiters" will make your family's day unforgettable . The change from treatment plant to water park is almost complete, but families are already enjoying our facilities. You will leave flush with fun and sun. And your family will say: "PHEW! That was fun."

Only minutes from
downtown Stink!


Want To Live In Stink?

The Stink FIST :Charity Boxing Event

Asthma Sufferer Info

Dan Quayle's Visit To Stink

Whether enjoying the natural "beauty" of the area or attending the annual Stink Bowl football game, everyone has a good time here.

We all experience Stink in our own way.

Just one picturesque spot on Stink's famous Nature Walk!
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Make Stink, IN your destination this summer. Say;
"Kids! Next year, we're going to Stink!"

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