Putting style over substance, Dan Neid and Eric Schwartz have created a vague, beautiful world where each new line pulls you further and further from reality.  As one reader states:

"I think that Mr. Schwartz & Mr. Neid have stumbled into what could be termed as 'neo-beat' literature with their impressive work, Pult. The humor is probably more subtle than they think and the writing is clearly inspired by the likes of Kerouac (On the Road, The Dharma Bums), Burroughs (Junkie, Naked Lunch) This is the kind of writing that is going to turn the MTV Generation on to the Beats just as Setzer turned them on to swing...  Bravo for Pult. True inspiration."

Part 1: Crenshaw Battle Break 9 - 6
Part 2: Undulating Inside The Shravbasket
Interlude 1
Part 3: GodBlister
Part 4: Gronch Isle Dangle Men (in process)