When Steve's not churning out comedy sketches, he's a journalist by trade. Here is a collection of celebrity interviews He's done over the years.
Hope you like to read, because there's a lot here. What can we say, we're a bunch of writers. So get a steamin' mug of coffee, tuck in and have a look. There's something in here for everyone.
Tom Jones
Rhonda Shear
Mark Russell
Buddy Hackett
Tom Russell

Online novel in progress.
An Interview With Raymond Anonymous (1986)
For Love or Mertyl (1993)
From The Journals of Dr. Ibo Bronski (1993)
Mario Must Die (1993)
Poet & Chipmunk (1993)
Notes From Behind The Fat Guy (1993)
The Autumn Circuit (1994)
Bronzed Goddess (1994)
Jesus Under The Table (1994)
Backseat Salvation (1995)
First Time (1995)
Four Youths On Fire (1995)
Runaway Whale (1995)
Eleven O'Clock Turn-Around (1996)
Halon (1996)
Naughty Pastries (1997)
Elbow Beach (1997)
The Spasmbats (1997)
Dr. Who: What The Fuck Is That? (1999)
The Avacado Man (2002)
Only Good Things (2004)
Looking For Gordon (2006)
Beautiful When We Go (2007)
Drifting The Scene (2007)
Gulping The Hours (2007)
The Kick (2007)
Tunnel Days (2007)
Pretend It's Christmas (2007)
Ground Breaking (2007)
Winter Traffic (2007)
Buttercream Roses (2008)
Sunlight In A Cheese Cloth (2008)
Tales, Trials & Tibits of Choco-Foot (2008)
Skullhole  (2009)
No Filter (2009)
Planetfall & Flatus (2010)
Honey Boy Edwards (1997)
Travel Journal: Montreal's The Underground City (2001)
Ask A Stupid Question (Survey 1) (2001)
Wake Tang (2004)
Grown Up (2004)
Cheeseburgers in Hell On Earth (2004)
Coming Soon! (2004)
Make Your Own List Show (2005)
Kill My Website (2005)
Lost In Wales (from Tachyon TV) (2005)
On The Virtues of Cereal from a Cup (2006)
I Freakin' Hate This Survey (Survey 2) (2006)
Hug a Jew: A Few Thoughts on Easter (2007)
I Hate America's Sweetheart (2007)
Travel Journal: Miami (2007)
Travel Journal: San Diego (2008)
The Only Bohemian I Knew (2008)
Travel Journal: Ireland (2009)
Starlight: A Eulogy For My Father (2009)
STRANGE'S 1992 -1994
Phantom of the Opera (1992) stage
End of the World (1992) stage
Pork (1993) stage
Wedding Hells (1993) stage
Face In The Fridge (1992) stage
New Toys (1993) stage
One True Gosh (1992) stage
Be Our Christ (1992) stage
Appendix (1992) stage

Gandhi (1996) stage
Limo Beans(2000) stage
Pets!(1997) stage
Krispy Keen (2001) stage
Gammaries (2000) stage
Funny Eat (2000) radio
Not That Blouse (1999) stage
Asthmatic Pope (1999) stage
Thelf (1997) stage
Stereotypes (1995) stage
Reindeer Maims (2002)
Until The Vows Come Home (Gag Reflex - Austin 2002)
The Most Wonderful Mime (2003) stage

A War Scene (Insomnia Theater 1995) stage

Misbehaving Monologue (1992)
Ward Schwartz Roast (2002)
Atomic Mom (2008)

Gag Reflex : Anthology (1996) TV
Love Overboard (One act Titanic musical - 1990) Stage
How To Get Ahead In A Basket (One act - 1995) Stage
Wasted (One act - 1989) Stage

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