Smokey (1978)
The Redemption Blister (1983)
Ebb Tide Life (1984)
Acoustic Streams E.P. (1984)
Movie Lighting (1985)
Riddles & Spheres (1986)
VII (1987)
Live In Halifax (1988)
Dangerous Miles (1989)
Dare (1991)
Moon Talk Radio (1992)
Uneasy Street (1994)
5 Times Ice (1995)
Puddle (1998)
Cyberglyphics (1999)
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For more than two decades Canada's travelling journeyman has been entertaining audiences around the world. He has taken his emotional, upbeat and reflective brand of folk rock to far flung places like Dubai, Yellow Knife, Osaka, Leningrad, The Yucatan, Cape Town and Killorglin. So why have so many people never heard of him? Simple, the marketing and distribution processes of his former record company, ignored the U.S., Japan and the U.K. (read more about that in the bio below). Everywhere else, he is welcomed with the kind of love only shown to the biggest of celebrities.

Currently Smokey is enjoying the quiet life with his young family. He has moved from Barbados (where his studio is) and taken up residence again in his hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia. He has vowed to stay away from the business until his children are older. Until then, enjoy what he has already left to the world.
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