by Eric


Originally appearing in INSOMNIA THEATER 1995




(Several people stand center making air boxes, pulling invisible ropes, and

walking against the wind". FRANK and DON enter. They are hunched over and

carry guns.)


DON:            They got Ken!!


FRANK:            War is Hell!


DON:            God damn Charlie! Why don't we just drop the bomb!


FRANK:            (Grabs Don and shakes him.) Cut it out!!! I need you now man!!!

I can't have you snappin' on me! C'mon we've got a few more hour 'til day break! We need to stay alive!


DON:            I know. I know. (Collects himself) Okay. I'll go that way. (He points to the people.)


FRANK:            Okay.


(Don takes a few steps towards the people. Frank notices the people. Terror

grips him.)


FRANK:            DON!!! Don't move!


DON:            (Freezes) What!?


FRANK:            You could have gotten yourself killed! Watch where you're walking!!


DON:            What are you talking about?


FRANK:            You almost walked into the middle of a MIME FIELD.


(They go the other way.)