In 2000 we became aware of the growing internet radio trend and that it was free (at the time) to broadcast to the world. So we did two things, we recorded a pilot episode - just to see if logistically we could do it. Then we set about setting up Boundary Waters Radio. We didn't really, at the time, want to make the station "Gag Reflex Radio" because most of us involved had old projects and other shows we wanted to air. This is actually how Boundary Waters Media got started. As a way to produce Gag stuff as well as non-Gag related material.

The first episode, "News on the Ones" was recorded direct to cassette with all the music and sound effects done live. These were then transferred to mini-disc and the episode was edited together there. It was fairly clumsy but the sketches came off great. It seemed like we could do it. So we initially set up an account with Radio Destiny which would allow us to broadcast live, with the episodes running from the mini-disc. Eventually we moved the station over to where we could upload all our content and have it run continuously (with new episodes going up on Sunday nights). Over the next 3 years thousands of people tuned in and we were given the honor of being an Editor's Pick.

So we set about learning how to edit episodes on the computer. The first episode was re-edited and we set about working on the next batch of episodes. For the sake of quality all the masters were recorded on digital mini-disc and then dumped into the hard drive for editing. Over the next year we produced 13 episodes (including a blooper special). Some of it is the finest work Gag has done.

Generally the stage sketches translated well, but the best things in the show were always those that were created specifically for the radio. Things like Funny Eat, Lee's Surrender to Grant, Sunshine Military and the L'amour De Toilette sketches stand out. As 2001 rolled on we had more and more stage shows approaching and eventually we had to give it up. Then in 2003, because of the RIAA and their crack down on internet radio, Live365 began charging more for their services. Even though most everything we were air was either original or we had gotten permission from the artist, the fifteen bucks a month was too much for something that we were no longer creating new material for. It was sad but we pulled the plug on Boundary Waters Radio for the moment.

But fear not! Because of the Podcasting boom, we are able to now make all the original episodes available. All thirteen episodes can be subscribed to or downloaded. We do hope to do more episodes in the future, now that there is a viable way to get them out to people. Until then, enjoy these glimmering little moments from our past. You can get episodes by going here.


NEWS ON THE ONES - News On The Ones, Sodom & Gamera, Apollo 69, Gut Thumping, Playtime, Welcome To The Iversons, Abracadaver, The Perfect Man, Back To Work, Funny Eat

BAT IN THE ASS - Hi Colonic, Deathbed Confessions, War Monger, If I Were, That's What Psychic Friends Are For, Baby Back Ribs, Titanic - The Next Wave, Issue Is Or Issue Ain't, The Classroom, Bat In The Ass, Chow Mean

GAGBORG - Gagborg 1, Ice Cream Training, Rhetorical Q & A, Adswill 1, The Big Kiss Off, Gagborg 2, Neckbrace Girl, Adswill 2, Hello Again Everybody, Gagborg 3

SEASON FINALE - Previously On, 1-800. Steve Lord's Disease, Cozy Coven, Swishbucklers, Mary Mary, Name Dropping, Peaches, The Usual Suspects

PERSIAN RUG GULF - Girl Talk, Captain A-Rab, A Matter Of Principal, Vox Populi, Waiting For Good Dough, Who The Hell Are You, Greco Roamin',County Fairgrounds

SHELLY BERMAN'S "FRANKENSTEIN" - Stage Combat, Oswald, The Meeting, Flash, Shelly Berman's "Frankenstein", The Wake Up Call, Did Somebody Say..., Henry VIII Ain't All That, Spiggitz

OUT-TAKES 2000 - Recording out takes and rehearsal tapes.

THE I DON'T LOVE YOU ROOM - Sunshine Military, Gandhi, Doctor Doom, Prawn, Wife-Beaters, For Richard or Porno, Rigor Morty, Pornsnickity, France, The Dao Of Gag, Stignada, The Stray Fry

DAMN YOU KIM VESSEL!! - Honey Bunches Of Oats, Not That Blouse, Full Seminary Jacket, Italian Love Song, Bulge Builder, Captain Blood, Sports Fan Gripes (Commentary Version), Chatterstop, Worriers Anonymous

PECANS - Father To Son, Please Hold, Guttenberg, Ashtray, Last Boy Picked, We're Crazy!!, This Song Will Go On, Mariachis Del Agua, Lee's Surrender To Grant, Pets!, The Man from Space.

SLAVE BOY PETEY - Partly Sage, Euthanasia, Express Yourself 1, Now Serving Number 8, Zipper Food, You Don't Say, Doctor Huggs, Express Yourself 2 , Day Sleeper, Katie Lang, Morning People

SALESMAN TRICK - It's Never Going To Come, French, Ass Full Of Buddha, Gammaries, The Art Of Listening, Soft Porn, Something To Drink, Metal Of A Man, People Vs. Barnabus, Seedy CD

L'AMOUR DE TOILETTE - Roswell, Toilette 1, The Office Cure, Phone Mail, Toilette 2, The Rules, Quark Rock, Toilette 3, Creative Descriptions, Full Service, Father Of Invention, Toilette 4, Der Luger