Book GAG REFLEX for your next corporate event, charity function, private party or gathering.
Gag Reflex has over 12 years experience writing and performing sketch comedy in the Chicago area. They have performed in all types of venues from small theaters to restored movie houses, football stadiums, outdoor tents, living rooms, coffee houses, churches, gymnasiums, banquet halls and even a barber shop. They have a catalog of over 400 original sketches and songs to draw from, so they can play to any crowd.

Founded in 1993 by Steve Lord and Dale Roe, the group has produced 18 2-hour comedy revues, logged hundreds of hours on the road, released 3 independent albums, created 13 half hour episodes of an Internet radio series and entertained thousands of people.
Gag Reflex performs sketch comedy. This is different from the improv comedy associated with Second City and Whose Line Is It Anyway. The scenes are completely scripted, rehearsed and performed nearly the same way every time. This means that the group knows which sketches work best in front of a live audience. There's less guess work. When requested Gag can write material specifically for an event (from simply dropping specified names into the performance to writing a whole new sketch from scratch) or work in more audience interaction.

The group is also renown for its music. The group always throws a song or two into each performance and can, if requested, put on a performance of only their humorous songs.
Gag Reflex's technical requirements are minimal. The shows are designed for ease of travel and adaptability to a wide variety of potential venues. Basically, any area that's electrically-wired, can hold up to 10 performers and has lights that turn on and off can be transformed into a stage by Gag Reflex.

Other technical requirements are as follows:

6 Chairs. Folding or not, chairs are lined along the back of the performance area and placed by performers as needed.

Sound System.  Between sketches, Gag Reflex plays transitional pieces of music and incidental themes and voice-overs as required. These sound cues are stored on CD and Gag can bring the equipment to run it. If your venue does not have a sound system, one can be provided by Gag Reflex.

Microphones.  Gag Reflex brings their own microphones, stands and cables to performances, unless otherwise agreed upon.
Lighting. Gag Reflex can bring their own lighting       equipment, too.

Cheese Tray. We're just kidding about the cheese tray.
Because of the wide variety of venues in which Gag Reflex performs, they have seldom run into problems converting non-theatrical areas into makeshift stages. But there's a first time for everything, so ... preferably, they will be able to walk through your venue a few weeks in advance of the performance date and make note of any special adaptations that will need to be made. They will also need access to the performance area at least one hour in advance of scheduled performing time; longer if special set-up is required (installation of portable sound system, lighting etc.)
Gag Reflex has ten permanent members who rotate in and out of traveling shows. The actual number of performers will vary from time to time. They bring thier own technical personnel, consisting of one person to run sound and lights. This technician is paid by Gag Reflex and provided at no additional charge to you. 

However, if the layout of the performance venue is such that the lighting and sound equipment are located in different areas and cannot be run by one person, Gag Reflex will provide an extra technician. Because of the changing nature of the performances, they require thier own technicians with knowledge of the requirements and familiarity with the routines.
Gag Reflex can tailor their material for any kind of crowd. Their typical, theatrical shows would generally be considered R-Rated and would include your standard 4-letter words and adult topics.

However, if requested, the group can easily "clean it up" for a family show, and often do. This flexibility means that they can be raunchy one night in a smoky bar and entertain a church crowd the next night with a funny family show. You let Gag know what is and isn't appropriate and they will stick to it.

The group has also stockpiled over 400 sketches to suit every situation. Office humor, romance, technology, school, medical, legal... if you want a theme for your performance, they're sure to have something for you.
West Aurora High School
The Rotary Club
The Aurora Junior Women's Club
Copley Press
Ronald McDonald House Fundraiser
Easter Seals
Houghton Mifflin
Rosary High School
St. John's Church, Lockport
Illinois College
Lewis University

... just to name a few.

For a full listing of all of our shows over the years, you can visit our Performance History page.
Gag Reflex has different pricing structures for different types of events. The standard corporate event price is $400/hour of performance. For private parties, clubs, churches, and schools the price is negotiable. If asked to participate in a charity event, Gag Reflex will gladly work for free.
To book Gag Reflex or if you have any questions about a possible booking, please contact the group's director, Eric Schwartz, via email:

Press kits, video and audio is available upon request.

You can also visit the group's homepage by clicking HERE. (But be warned, like the normal 2-hour shows, the Gag Reflex website also contains some adult language - but no sexually explicit pictures)