Eric Peter Schwartz

Maker Of Things


(Prior to 1990:  Began writing and performing in sketch comedy workshops in 1986. Performed in High School and Community College productions from 1988 to 1990)


1990       The Odd Couple                                               Stage Company Ltd.  – (Actor: Speed)

                Born Yesterday                                                  Summer Place Theater Co. – (Actor: Hotel Manager)

                Dracula                                                                 Riverfront Playhouse – (Stage Manager)

                Outward Bound                                                Riverfront Playhouse – (Actor: Scrubby)


1991       Auntie Mame                                                      Aurora Theater Ensemble.  – (Actor: Various)

                The Murder Room                                            Stage Company Ltd.  – (Actor: Barry)

                Cat on a Hot Tin Roof                                     Riverfront Playhouse  - (Stage Manager)                      


1992       Bleacher Bums                                                   Stage Company Ltd.  – (Actor: Cheerleader)                

                Whispering In Van Gogh’s Ear                    Strange’s  - Ensemble (Writer/Actor/Producer)

Musical Comedy Murders of 1940               Stage Company Ltd.   – (Actor: Helsa/Deter)

The Laughter of Solace                                   Student Film  - Actor (Richard Solace)            

                They’re Just Monkeys With Hairspray      Strange’s  - Ensemble (Writer/Actor/Producer)


1993       Learning To Fly                                                Student Film  - (Actor: Eric)

Black Comedy                                                    Stage Company Ltd  - (Director)

Spare Change                                                     Student Film – (Actor : Unnamed/Writer)

                Bram Stoker’s Buttfuocco                              Strange’s  - Ensemble (Writer/Actor/Producer)

                (plus 3 road/for hire shows with Strange’s)   


1994       Insomnia Theater (Weekly)                             Riverfront Playhouse  Ensemble (Writer/Actor)

                Full Circle                                                           Indie Film (unfinished) – (Actor: Various/Composer)

                Reflections of Light                                           Collection (Contributing Poet) American Library of Poetry ISBN: 1-56167-264-5


1995       Insomnia Theater (Weekly)                             Riverfront Playhouse  Ensemble (Writer/Actor)

                The Do-It-Yourself Home Oil Change

                   Kit and Messiah                                              Gag Reflex  - Ensemble (Writer/Actor/Musician)

                (Plus 6 road/for hire shows with Gag Reflex)


1996       Insomnia Theater (Weekly)                             Riverfront Playhouse  Ensemble (Writer/Actor)

                96 Tears                                                               Gag Reflex  - Ensemble (Writer/Actor/Musician)

                Stafford’s Used Auto (3 spots)                       WSPY Radio Commercials (Writer/Producer)

Michael Jackson: First Contact                     Gag Reflex  - Ensemble (Writer/Actor/Musician)

                (plus 5 road/for hire shows with Gag Reflex)


1997       Everybody Must Get Cloned                          Gag Reflex  - Ensemble (Writer/Actor/Musician)

                Jim’s Auto Body                                                Local TV Ad – (Actor : Dumb Mechanic)

Things To Do With Bob Denver

                   When He’s Dead                                             Gag Reflex  - Ensemble (Writer/Actor/Musician)

                Shake, Rattle and Walk                                   Gag Reflex  - Ensemble (Writer/Actor/Musician)

                (plus 5 road/for hire shows with Gag Reflex)


1998       Gag Reflex In A Tent  (7 Shows)                   Gag Reflex  - Ensemble (Writer/Actor/Musician)

Apollodent                                                           Gag Reflex  - Ensemble (Writer/Actor/Musician)

(Plus 4 road/for hire shows with Gag Reflex)


1999       It’s A Wonderful Job                                       Corporate Performance  Actor  (Various)

Gag Reflex – It’s A Sick World, Betty         Independent CD Release (Writer/Musician)

Glass Eyes Wide Shut                                       Gag Reflex  - Ensemble (Writer/Actor/Musician/Director)

                Polka, Mon                                                          Gag Reflex  - Ensemble (Writer/Actor/Musician/Director)

                (Plus 8 road/for hire shows with Gag Reflex)



2000       Gag Reflex Comedy Theater

                     of the Air (9 Episodes)                                Internet Radio Series   (Producer/Writer/Actor/Musician)

                16 To Midnight   (10 Episodes)                       Internet Radio Series   (Producer/Writer/Actor/Musician)

                Steve Lord’s Mid-Life Crisis                         Internet Radio Series   (Co-Producer)

                No-Talent Night                                                 Corporate Performance  (Host)

Boundary Waters Media                                Website (Webmaster/Writer)

Recount Dracula                                               Gag Reflex  - Ensemble (Writer/Actor/Musician/Director)


2001       Gag Reflex Comedy Theater

                     of the Air (3 Episodes)                               Internet Radio Series   (Producer/Writer/Actor/Musician)

                The Viagra Monologues                                  Gag Reflex  - Ensemble (Writer/Actor/Musician/Director)

                No-Talent Night                                                 Corporate Performance  (Host)

                Welcome Back, Potter                                      Gag Reflex  - Ensemble (Writer/Actor/Musician/Director)

                Gag Reflex - Viagra Monologues  Independent CD Release (Producer/Writer/Actor/Musician)     

                (Plus 9 road/for hire shows with Gag Reflex)



2002       No-Talent Night                                                 Corporate Performance  (Host)

Monkey With A Laptop                                   Blog (Writer)

I Want Iraq & Roll All Nite!                          Gag Reflex  - Ensemble (Writer/Actor/Musician/Director)

(Plus 6 road/ for hire shows with Gag Reflex  and several solo open mic performances)


2003       Big City                                                                Web Fiction Series  (Writer/Producer)

Reflexology                                                         Gag Reflex  - Ensemble (Writer/Actor/Musician/Director)

(Plus 9 road/for hire shows with Gag Reflex and several solo open-mic performances)


2004       Dude, Where’s My Carbs                               Gag Reflex  - Ensemble (Writer/Actor/Musician/Director)

                (Plus 4 road/for hire shows with Gag Reflex)


2005       Gag Reflex – House Blend                              Independent CD Release (Producer/Writer/Musician)

                Desperate Houseflies                                        Gag Reflex  - Ensemble (Writer/Actor/Musician/Director)

                The Farm                                                             Web Fiction Series  (Writer/Producer)

                Happy Sunshine Kill You Die                        Gag Reflex  - Ensemble (Writer/Actor/Musician/Director)

                (plus 4 road/for hire performances with Gag Reflex)



2006       Brokeback Steakhouse                                     Gag Reflex  - Ensemble (Writer/Actor/Musician/Director)

The Dave & Ben Ensemble                             First Street Playhouse (Technical Director)

We Paid To Be In This Show                          First Street Playhouse (Instructor/Director)

                Gag Reflex TV (15 episodes)                           Cable Access Series (Producer/Director/Performer)

First Street Comedy Festival                         First Street Playhouse (Co-Producer/ Performer)

                Hezbollahpalooza                                              Gag Reflex  - Ensemble (Writer/Actor/Musician/Director)

                (plus 4 road/for hire shows with Gag Reflex, 5 music appearances with Lord & Schwartz)               


2007       First Street Open Mic                                      First Street Playhouse (Producer/Host)                         

Get In The Van                                                 First Street Playhouse (Instructor/Director)  

Diary of Ball Park Frank                                Acid Reflux (Contributing Writer)

Crawlspace Issue 004                                       Literary eZine (Contributing Writer: “Marjorie Aplomb”)

Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild                      First Street Playhouse (Director)

Acid Reflux: Gone Wild!!                                Acid Reflux (Contributing Writer)

                Taming of the Shrew                                         First Street Playhouse (Producer)

                Pillowman                                                            First Street Playhouse (Executive Producer/Prop Master)

                Weird Atomic Vampirates

                     That Feed Off Human Hair                      Acid Reflux (Contributing Writer)    

                (Plus 3 appearances with Lord & Schwartz)


2008       Scream – A Collection of Poetry                   Poetry Anthology  (Contributing Poet)  EditRed Publishing  ISBN: 978-0—6151-6445-8

                The Variety Show Murders                            Murder Mystery Dinner – Geneva Underground Playhouse (Co-Writer/Performer)

                The Platonic Bomb                                           Short Film (Screenwriter)  - Produced by  Poorchild Films  TRAILER    IMDB Page

                Inherit the Wind                                                Geneva Underground Playhouse/Kane County Bar Assoc. (Director)

                (plus multiple appearances w/ The Schwartz Band)


2009       The Best Man                                                      Geneva Underground Playhouse  (Actor: Art Hockstader)

                An Easy Heaven                                                One Act Play  published by Playscripts, Inc.   Website  (Writer)

Former Child Stars                                           Acid Reflux (Contributing Writer)

Pearls Before Swine Flu                                   Gag Reflex  - Ensemble (Writer/Actor/Musician/Director)

The Night We Died                                            Short Film (Screenplay based on short story) – Website  IMDB Page  WATCH

NYE@GUP                                                          Geneva Underground Playhouse (Producer/Host/Performer)


2010       K-Pax                                                                    Geneva Underground Playhouse (Director)

Skullhole                                                              Short Story – “Highly Commended” from The Balls Quandry Award (writer)

Spiggitz the Cat                                                  Ongoing YouTube Series (Creator/Producer/Writer/Performer)

NYE@GUP 2                                                      Geneva Underground Playhouse (Producer/Host/Performer)




                FLEE (While You Can)                                  Geneva Underground Playhouse (Instructor/Director)

Geneva 175th Anniversary


                     Extrava-tacular                                           Geneva Underground Playhouse (Co-writer)

Spiggitz the Cat                                                  Ongoing YouTube Series (Creator/Producer/Writer/Performer)

                Dead Around Here                                           One Act Play - Geneva Underground Playhouse (Writer/Director) WATCH

                Acid Reflux: Fifth

                  Anniversary Spectacular                               Acid Reflux – Ensemble (Contributing writer/guest performer)

                Tales, Trials and Tidbits

                    Of Choco-Foot                                              Ongoing Mico-Blog  (Writer)

                The Nate Pinky Show                                       Ongoing YouTube Series (Regular Guest Performer)




                Gods & Avocados                                              One Act Showcase - Geneva Underground Playhouse (Writer/Producer/Director) WATCH

Spiggitz the Cat                                                  Ongoing YouTube Series (Creator/Producer/Writer/Performer)

                BaldCatGardener                                              Ongoing YouTube Series (Co-Writer/Performer)

                Completely Drunken Surveys                        Blog (Writer)

Scenes From The End                                      Readers Theater ShowcaseGeneva Underground Playhouse (Co-Writer/Producer/Performer)


2013 – Present


Vero Voce Local Playwright Festival         Vero Voce Theatre New Playwright Festival“Sunlight Wrap-Around Indigo”, “His Last

Gun”. (Writer)

Bodies At Rest                                                    One Act Play Collection  published by CHICAGO

                                                                                                DRAMA WORKS ISBN: 978-0692233924  (writer)

                Poking Dead Things                                          One Act Play Collection  published by CHICAGO

                                                                                                DRAMA WORKS ISBN: 978-0692411605 (writer)

                Eric Reads Things We Wrote                        Ongoing Podcast  (writer/performer/musician)

                101 Totally Useless Sound Effects                Website (writer/producer)

                One For Sorrow                                                    Short film  (score composer)



(Performs regularly as a singer/songwriter and has released several albums: (TROUBADORK, TROPOSPHERE, CASUAL GHOSTS, GLOAMING, BONEY FINGER IN THE SWEET SPOT, AMERICAN DISREPAIR, GODWHERE, HIGHWAY 45 – as of 2017)





Guest comedy instructor at West Aurora High School’s Senior Arts Symposium in Aurora, IL


1996 – 1997         Freelance Journalist working with the Copley News Service


2006                       Member of the Board of Directors at The First Street Playhouse in Batavia, IL   


2006                       Young adult comedy class instructor at The First Street Playhouse in Batavia, IL


2007 - 2009          Executive Director,   Geneva Underground Playhouse in Batavia/Geneva , IL


2011                       Young adult comedy class instructor at Geneva Underground Playhouse / Geneva, IL