by eric
(originally performed in "Glass Eyes Wide Shut")


(Kris, Millie and Mo stand on stage.)

KRIS:        (Finishing telling Mo story. Mil stands with them.) So…I haven't been back. (They all chuckle.)

MO:        That's hilarious.

MIL:        (Pointing to Kris's blouse) Isn't that the blouse ….

KRIS:        (Quick) No.

MIL:        Really? No. I'd swear it's the blouse.

KRIS:        It's not.

MIL:        It looks just like it.

KRIS:        While very similar, this is not the blouse you have mistaken it for.

MIL:        But…

KRIS:        Your powers of perception are strikingly acute but flawed my friend. As I have stated, this blouse while similar in many ways to the blouse you think it is, it is not the blouse you have mistaken it for.

MIL:        (Unconvinced) Okay.

KRIS:        In fact there are several blouses within my possession which I believe resemble the afore mentioned blouse which this one is not. I wish perhaps I had that blouse with me, then we could do a true comparison.

MIL:        Okay its not the blouse.

KRIS:        No its not.

MO:        What blouse?

MIL:        Well she wore this blouse and…

KRIS:        This is not that blouse.

MIL:        So you keep saying.

KRIS:        Both blouses, which I retain ownership of, resemble one another in only the most base, minute ways. I can see where the confusion comes from.
MO:        I take it this isnt the shirt.

KRIS:        Fine! Its the shirt! Its the damnedable blouse! Curse my name! I cant help it! I like the blouse! I have always loved the blouse lo these many years. There is no amount of shame that will make me replace this blouse with something less!

MIL:        I knew it!

KRIS:        Socks, I have known many! Jackets, they are but a passing acquaintance. Slacks! Be damned! But this blouse…

MO:        You talk funny.

MIL:        Is there something wrong with you?

KRIS:        Many mornings I have slipped blissfully into the warm rapture of this blouse. Not caring if I had worn it the day before. Not caring what foul odors lurk within the machine woven fabric.

MO:        I think I'm going to be sick.

KRIS:        This blouse above all things! This blouse beyond all things!

MIL:        It goes nicely with those pants.

KRIS:        These aren't those pants.